Great stuff..

So I came to visit my friend today to hang out and do an interview with production company wanting to put our paranormal stuff on tv.. it went friggin awesome! Yea Yea it seems far fetched but the opportunities keep pouring in! I’ve been a paranormal investigator since about 2004 and its something I find quite fascinating and interesting even after 9 years! Some peeps want to know who I am..knowing a little bit about me.. being an AF service member.. and of course sports.. football, baseball, basketball (even though I suck at it)..haha. Just a regular guy. Well this weekend is just beginning.. lets see how it goes! 😉 Rock on!



Whats this? More money?

Yea so this company I’m involved with has started to show a lot of financial potential. Blows me away! Yes this company (Motor Club of America) never ceases to amaze me. A way to get folks plugged in to benefits that really cannot be matched! Also a referral program that has so much potential and unlimited financial expansion.  Must be good since I’m sharing!  Well get used to having me share my weekly or even daily blogs on progress, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for how life can be better than your current situation, especially if you are living and just barely getting by. For more information about this company please visit: