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So I came to visit my friend today to hang out and do an interview with production company wanting to put our paranormal stuff on tv.. it went friggin awesome! Yea Yea it seems far fetched but the opportunities keep pouring in! I’ve been a paranormal investigator since about 2004 and its something I find quite fascinating and interesting even after 9 years! Some peeps want to know who I am..knowing a little bit about me.. being an AF service member.. and of course sports.. football, baseball, basketball (even though I suck at it)..haha. Just a regular guy. Well this weekend is just beginning.. lets see how it goes! ūüėČ Rock on!



Whats this? More money?

Yea so this company I’m involved with has started to show a lot of financial potential. Blows me away! Yes this company (Motor Club of America) never ceases to amaze me. A way to get folks plugged in to benefits that really cannot be matched! Also a referral program that has so much potential and unlimited financial expansion. ¬†Must be good since I’m sharing! ¬†Well get used to having me share my weekly or even daily blogs on progress, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for how life can be better than your current situation, especially if you are living and just barely getting by. For more information about this company please visit:




Opportunity.. Integrity.. Diving In!

Some folks seem to want to absolutely take caution when opportunity comes because they sometimes fear the next few steps.. that so-called venture into the unknown and even more so the venture into the dreaded… “what ifs” and questions of validity. ¬†What must this guy be referring to you ask? Well take it from me.. right from my own life experience and run with me for a few. ¬†I of course serve in the US Armed Forces, and everyone knows that just because we are in the service that we must be banking! On the contrary.. we have great medical and dental benefits.. and of course with Sequestration looming over a lot of our heads with budget cuts abounding within our financial infrastructure, one may ask how one must cope to make it by the next few paydays.. etc. ¬†Well of course my pay isn’t being affected but I would not be surprised if at some point down the road that it will. ¬†Well I had to come up with a backup plan and an alternate means of making a little extra money in the event out pay is decreased somehow. ¬†Now, I know this will be a highly doubted issue among other service members in terms of possible pay decreases within the Ranks, but it’s always good to have some sort of cushion. ¬†Well for me personally I have a friend that mentioned a company he had been involved in for a little while and was making some really decent money! ¬†So in my search for a plan of action, ¬†I had already looked at everything from helping my wife sale scented soy pebbles for home decor parties.. to just working a part-time job on the weekends outside of my military duties. ¬†While helping my wife is of course an everyday thing, I wanted to be able to be the ultimate bread maker for the family, and of course my intention here is to just put a few extra dollars in the bank as a financial cushion. ¬†Well this company my friend had mentioned was Motor Club of America, or MCA for those military guru’s that love acronyms like me.. ha! ¬†I have of course seen the numerous YouTube videos of people’s personal testimonies on how MCA has helped them out and that the extra cash was truly a blessing in some instances for those that needed an extra financial boost. ¬†So my curiosity started to really play in and seeing that my friend was making A LOT of extra money.. I then started to see that maybe this thing is for real.. he even showed me his bank statement and matched it with the transaction history on his company back office online and I was blown away at the validity of the his efforts and it was PAYING OFF! ¬†So now my curiosity had peeked.. I wanted to know every little nook and cranny of the Biz.. I mean what more evidence did I need to convince me further.. I was just about convinced already! ¬†Well I decided to do this, and of course did some research a little bit more and remaining cautious, so I did a Google search and just happen to stumble on a page requiring my info to watch a video and to follow the steps in order to become an Associate / Agent of MCA! So of course my friend being the humble person he is asked that I find someone and of course sign under them and let my commitment be their blessing! How is that I wondered.. so I learned that for each person I had referred to become a member of MCA that I would be paid $80.00 per person.. and that MCA’s benefits were the prime area of interest since their coverage plan thwarts Triple AAA by far and in large and cannot be touched! ¬†MCA not only has the benefits but their referral program it a very real and promising opportunity! ¬†So I not only serve in the US Armed Services now but I also became an MCA Associate/ Agent. ¬†A lot of how I make my money is posting via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.. and driving traffic through means of social media to my MCA capture page that is provided for you. ¬†I really seen the potential and I took hold of it, and have not let go, nor will I think I will ever let it go! This opportunity has yielded some great results since I have become an active member of MCA, and my referrals have increased daily just by using Social Media. ¬†I spend maybe 45 minutes to 1 Hour just posting how this company is unmatched in it category of work, and that this is something that folks should really try! ¬†Results come flowing in and so did the money… Folks one thing I care about more than anything is the success of my fellow-man or women trying to make life better for themselves or their families and I have a profound respect for that! ¬†The first thing I live by is what I’ve been taught in the military is “Integrity”! Doing the right thing even when know one is looking.. and I want to do the right thing by you that are reading this that want to take advantage of an opportunity such as this with MCA! ¬†I have for many years lived by the quote of a preacher I once heard a sermon from. The quote is : “The Opportunity of a Lifetime must be seized during the Lifetime of the Opportunity” -Leonard Ravenhill. ¬†This rings true more and more each day that I realize that I took advantage of that opportunity, and am wanting to selfishly share the same with you! ¬†If you would like to learn more about Motor Club of America, and become a member/associate with me, and take the bull by the horns and help form a successful team ¬† with you involved please take the time to visit my website and enter your info and watch the same video I watched.. the one that walked me step for step on what I needed to do to get started. ¬†So come join our Integrity team and lets build your life up again! ¬†I know it has so far for me.

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-Justin Rangel